Moving Tips

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, the entire moving experience can be extremely stressful if you are not well planned in advance. At Policeman Mover, we want to ensure your moving experience to be as stress-free as humanly possible. Through the years we have found organization to be the key factor to a successful move. Below we have developed not only a one time schedule to follow but also some also additional helpful hints.


  • When requesting an estimate, be sure to give the most accurate account of box number and the size of furniture. Also include floor level, accessibility to your home, including location to low lying power lines and trees.
  • DON"T FORGET! There are always reasons for out of the ordinary low prices. Make sure the quote you have been provided includes any surcharges or travel expenses.
  • Prior to the arrival of your moving company, make sure that all of your boxes are properly packed and labeled so they can be put in the appropriate room during the unloading phase of your move.
  • Make sure that all dresser drawers are either empty or securely closed.
  • Valuables such as money, jewelry and important documents should be hand-carried so to avoid loss.
  • Make sure and check with your homeowners or renters insurance company if you are interested in additional insurance.



  • If there is a vehicle being shipped, make sure it has less than half a tank of gas. Also be sure there is enough oil and antifreeze. If you are driving have it serviced appropriately before you leave!
  • Be sure and return anything borrowed and also collect anything you may have loaned.
  • Make sure that any flammable materials (gas, matches, cleaning products, bleach, pressurized or aerosol cans and ammunition) have been properly disposed before moving.
  • Be sure that you planned to discontinue old services such as electric, phone, newspaper, trash and lawn maintenance services. New services for the new address should also be ordered at this time.
  • Prepare a "moving kit" and be sure that it is abundantly full of packing tape, boxes, markers, shrink wrapping, materials such as old newspapers, pocket knives and even a tape measure. This will prevent time consuming trips to the store when time is of the essence. Of course, if necessary, you can always rely on Policeman Mover for all packing supplies and boxes.
  • Make sure and notify the post office with a change of address. This will prevent a delay in your receipt of mail. This form can be obtained either through your local post office or on the IRS website. You may also get this form by calling 800.829.1040 and requesting for FORM 8822.



  • Make sure that you transfer bank and savings balance so that no interest is lost.
  • Make a list of items you are taking with you. These things should have a designated spot so that they do not get accidentally packed!
  • Make sure that all frozen items in the freezer get used or given away. Depending on how far you are traveling, food may go bad if taken.
  • During your moving day, you will find your "essentials package indispensable! This kit should include:
    • Plastic Cups, Plates, Silverware
    • Prepackaged Snacks
    • Dish Soap & Trash Bags
    • Toiletries
    • Prescriptions, Pain Relievers, Aspirin, etc...
    • Flashlight, Light Bulbs, Hammer
    • Phone Books, Pencils and Paper
    • Telephone, Radio and Batteries



  • Most importantly, when packing be aware of the weight of the box. Remember you or someone else will have to lift it and many more throughout the day. Your box should not weigh over 35lbs and should be securely taped both on the top and the bottom.
  • Make sure that you have marked all of your boxes by room, especially if the contents are glass or breakable. Make sure your breakables are marked "FRAGILE".
  • Be sure to remove ALL light bulbs from lamps and pack lampshades in boxes to prevent accidental crushing.
  • When packing electronics such as stereos, televisions, computers, pack in original boxes if available. If not, be sure to use a strong corrugated carton, which allows for additional padding. (Old blankets make great protective devices for these pieces)



  • Once your move is complete, go for a drive around your new neighborhood. Familiarize yourself with the local schools, post office, police and fire stations, gas stations and grocery stores. This is very helpful in new hometown.
  • Make sure and call the sanitation department so that you will know when trash is collected. If you are moving to a different state, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for your new drivers license and also to register your vehicle.
  • As soon as possible, make sure to transfer your insurance policies to your new agent.


We hope you find these tips helpful during your moving process. If you have any questions or would to schedule your move today please call Policeman Mover at 817-498-8866 or Email Us